Senior Backend Developer and Software Engineer.

Greetings and Welcome! 👋

I am Abdulrhman WAZZAN, a Senior Backend Developer with more than 5 years of specialized experience in Laravel and over a year in Node.js. My work has consistently resulted in customer satisfaction rates of up to 95%.

I am proficient in deploying projects on AWS, ensuring not just high availability but also streamlined code delivery via CI/CD pipelines. My strengths in project and team management enable me to prioritize features effectively and adhere to stringent timelines.

Specializing in converting complex requirements into scalable and maintainable solutions, I maintain a keen focus on writing robust documentation, which has become a hallmark of my professional ethos. This combination of technical and managerial acumen has been pivotal in delivering projects that range from booking apps to complex management systems across various sectors.

Outside of coding, I engage with the developer community by authoring comprehensive guides and articles. I maintain an ongoing commitment to professional development, staying updated with the latest industry trends and technologies.

If you're interested in collaborating on a project or discussing potential opportunities, schedule a meeting with me via Calendly or send me an email.

To delve deeper into my professional experience, you're invited to visit the Resume page.